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You want tennis? Oh I'll fuckin' give you some tennis.


C Note was introduced to the lovely taste of coffee at a very young age. During her father's poker night at the age of five she wandered into the kitchen, rummaged around the refrigerator, and stumbled upon a beautifully plump red thai pepper. Having seen her father eat these lovely peppers with such glee, she decided to "be just like daddy" and took a huge bite from said pepper. The unholy screaming and rending of garments that took place soon thereafter signaled her poker-playing father to rush into the kitchen to rescue. Seeing the sight before him, and hearing the horrific noises that could not possible be made by a human being, C Note's father panicked. He knew that the C Note's mom would kill him. Literally. We're talking The Bonnie Situation.

Being the analytical engineer, C Note's father realized that the solution was two-fold: (1) shut the kid up and (2) make the pain go away. A lightbulb went off and C Note's father, now calm, knew exactly what to do.

He put the crying kid in the bathtub, turned on a cold shower, and shoved a coffee nip in her mouth. Yes folks, that was my Dad's solution.

And so to this day, C Note, a professed caffeine addict, associates coffee (and other forms of caffeine) as pain relief. And she drinks a lot of it. A lot.

Flash forward 25 years and C Note is now a lawyer in San Francisco, CA, living in the Mission/Castro, where the coffee shops and free wi-fi are plentiful.